Master Royale Private Server

Master Royale is a modified version of Clash Royale that provides unlimited access to Gems and Gold. Enjoy the enhanced MasterRoyale experience with limitless resources at your disposal!


Master Royale Features

To unlock premium features and kickstart your gameplay like a seasoned professional, Master Royale serves as one of the top private servers.

Access to Unlimited Gems

Master Royale, a private server, offers unlimited gems unlike official Clash Royale, starting you with a million gems. These can be used to endlessly open chests, unlock cards, and enhance your gaming experience.

Unlock all Tournaments on Private Server

Master Royale’s private server enables you to join tournaments, including those typically unlocked at King Level 18 in Clash Royale. This gives you the freedom to compete against friends and other players without any restrictions.

Block all Incoming Calls while Playing the Game

Master Royale’s feature to block incoming calls ensures an uninterrupted gaming experience. It eliminates the irritation of calls while playing, enhancing your game play.

What is Master Royale?

MasterRoyale, a unique private server, offers an unparalleled gaming experience by providing unlimited access to gems, gold, and other premium features right from the start. It’s completely free, and with the right skills, you can become an unstoppable force and master the game.

About Master Royale Website

Clash Royale stands out among battle royale games. With Master Royale, you can relish a modified Clash Royale experience, replete with endless gold, gems, and bonuses.

It enables maximum enjoyment of Clash Royale for free, with victory relying solely on your skills. Forget about in-game purchases; it also offers commands for instant card upgrades.

Download Master Royale Private Server

Master Royale, primarily designed for mobile, isn’t directly available for PC. However, PC users can play using an Android app player, such as Bluestacks or LD Player, which facilitate Android app installations on PC. Simply download the game from the provided link, install via Bluestacks, and start enjoying.


  • Android 8.0 or later
  • A quad-core processor with a speed of at least 2.0 GHz
  • Recommended 4 GB or more RAM
  • At least 256 GB of storage
  • A display resolution of 720 pixels or higher


  • iOS version 10 or above
  • Portrait orientation should be disabled
  • Background app refresh should be enabled
  • Low Power Mode should be disabled
  • Compatible with iPhone 6 and later models


  • At least 8GB RAM, but 16GB or higher is recommended
  • Intel Core i3 8th Gen processor or better
  • Alternately, Ryzen 3000, Snapdragon 8c or a more advanced model
  • Storage should be on a solid-state drive
  • Operating system should be Windows 11 or newer

GamePlay in Master Royale

Abundant Resources

Kick off your game with a bountiful cache of 1 million gems and gold. These resources are sufficient for unlocking all game chests and card upgrades. Run out of them? No worries, a free refill awaits you at the shop.

Varied Modes and Events

Master Royale introduces custom modes, offering x3 elixir games, 2v2 matches, and more. Look out for monthly special events, providing diverse content and challenges.

Extensive Character Selection

With Master Royale, players have an infinite roster of characters to choose from, encompassing all original Clash Royale cards. New cards introduced in Clash Royale will simultaneously appear in Master Royale, expanding your strategic options with troops, spells, and buildings.